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$0 Call Out Fee* (Week Days 7am-3pm)

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Quick and Reliable Plumbing Services Leichhardt

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      An emergency plumber ready to help anytime.

      Honest Residential Plumber Leichhardt

      This year, only one plumber in Leichhardt can be trusted: Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas. For all clogged drains, hot water repairs, gas services, and more rely on our Leichhardt plumbing services. For over 15 years, we’ve been servicing all plumbing in Leichhardt, and we’re recognised for dependable repairs, on-time appointments, and honest, up-front rates. Our neighbourhood plumbers are the greatest Leichhardt has ever seen!


      Our Leichhardt plumbers are known for providing long-term plumbing solutions that prevent clogged pipes and blocked drains.


      Our cost-effective plumbing repair solutions will save you money and time, and you’ll never have to worry about the problem returning! Tree root services, dig ups, and pipe relining are just a few of the large plumbing works we’ve completed in Leichhardt. Simply call us at (02) 9052 6817.

      Guaranteed Plumber Leichhardt Workmanship

      Our plumbers are local, fully qualified, and licensed, and have the necessary experience to provide you with the best solutions for all of your plumbing requirements. When you combine this with our extensive experience and resources, we are confident that the quality of our work and customer service will leave you speechless.


      All of our job appointments come with an on-time guarantee, so you’ll never be kept waiting for a late tradesman! We use GPS vehicle tracking to keep track of where we are concerning your home and how long it will take us to arrive. We’ll even give you a call before we depart the headquarters.


      Easy Solutions Plumbing can also provide same-day repairs, so you won’t have to deal with any plumbing issues! Your craftsmen will arrive in a fully supplied van, complete with all of our tools and spare components that may be required to complete the task. Whatever surprises may arise, you can count on us to get to work as soon as possible with your consent! You won’t find a more professional plumber in Leichhardt than Easy Solutions Plumbing, especially when you consider our 100% workmanship guarantee.

      Supreme Maintenance Plumber Leichhardt

      You’ve heard of Leichhardt, a charming town known for its strong Australian roots, vibrant cafe culture, and welcoming atmosphere. Leichhardt is a charming community that welcomes families, elder generations, and young people, with its lush lanes and bustling centres making it an appealing magnet for local neighbours and residents. Easy Solutions Plumbing can be reached at (02) 9052 6817.


      We understand that finding a reputable blocked drain plumbing repairs professional in Leichhardt can be difficult, and you probably have better things to do than seek a plumber, especially if you require an emergency plumber in Leichhardt. But don’t worry, Easy Solutions Plumbing is here to save you time and stress! We will be with you in a flash, wherever you are in Leichhardt, to rescue you from your emergency plumbing issues.


      Issues with your taps, gas, toilets, hot water and drains are stressful enough without having to worry about finding a reliable Leichhardt plumber. What about those annoying Leichhardt plumbers who don’t clean up after themselves, leaving muddy boot prints all over your house? Our team of plumbers is unique!

      For a team you can trust to get the job done right

      Experienced Emergency Plumber Leichhardt

      Our plumbers in Leichhardt can also assist you with hot water unit installs, repairs, and maintenance. Our plumbers work quickly to ensure that you always have hot water. We can address any problem and provide you with a permanent solution because of our experience serving strata structures and private properties. Our Leichhardt plumbers are also fully licensed to deal with any gas-related issues. Give us a call for the most efficient, skilled, and safe plumbing services.


      Why settle for a mediocre Leichhardt plumber when you could have your affordable local plumbing company save you from that leaking tap, blocked drain, or broken water heater? Not only that but Easy Solutions Plumbing’s emergency 24/7 rescue service ensures that we are genuinely your best local plumbing tradesman, always nearby and ready to help you when you need it most.


      Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any of your plumbing requirements, from a clogged toilet to a sewer repair. We understand how important a trustworthy, reliable, and clean plumber is in Leichhardt who can provide rapid service at a reasonable fee. Why settle for a subpar Leichhardt plumber when your local plumbing firm can help you with that dripping faucet, clogged drain, or broken hot water heater? Call us now!

      Easy Solutions Plumbing going to work.

      We can repair any plumbing issues you may have in your house. Water leaks, malfunctioning water heaters, leaking toilets, blocked pipes, septic troubles, low water pressure, etc. are just a few of the plumbing-related problems that can occur in a home. Our Leichhardt-based repair team would be happy to talk about your issue and identify the best solution for you because we’ve seen it all. Additionally, you can depend on our staff to provide wise guidance regarding whether to continue repairing or replacing a system.


      Give us a call if you’re building a new house or business, renovating a building, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or simply replacing a light. Whatever the size of the plumbing project, we can handle it.

      Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is to wake up one morning and discover their yard to be soggy and stinking of sewage. In addition to being unsightly, a leak in your sewer line can endanger the health of your family and harm the foundation of your house.


      From company to firm and place to location, the price of buying a pipe relining service varies greatly. Although costs are marginally higher for commercial applications, each home and business will have unique circumstances that must be considered. Your local expert will measure other significant factors such as pipe size, location, and depth. Epoxy type significantly impacts price and is entirely reliant on the company’s preferred material.


      Consider getting a pipe relining if your home is exhibiting symptoms of a problem brought on by faulty or damaged pipes. Call Easy Solutions Plumbing to have the plumbing in your house inspected and to find out if pipe relining is the best option. Although some circumstances necessitate a total pipe replacement, our pipe relining service is usually highly appropriate and reasonably priced.

      Do you require services for gas fitting? Your next natural gas appliance can be installed and repaired by the Easy Solutions Plumbing crew.


      No matter the task, our skilled and qualified specialists can quickly and affordably install your gas appliances.


      Even if you didn’t buy natural gas appliances from us, we could still connect them. We are pleased to offer any form of natural gas installation service that you may require;


      • Gas lines for dryers or ovens
      • Pipes for Gas
      • Replacement of a Broken Gas Line
      • Unfinished Fireplaces
      • Gas Pipeline Changes
      • Garage heater gas lines


      Gas stoves, dryers, built-in grills, tankless water heaters, conventional tank water heaters, DV-furnaces, and more are among the natural gas appliances that Easy Solutions Plumbing repairs. Call us, and we will send a gas fitter right away.

      As a homeowner, you don’t give your toilet much attention; it’s just a fixture in your house that you count on to function. Homeowners and business owners in Leichhardt can rely on the skilled staff at Easy Solutions Plumbing for toilet repair.


      Ordinary human excrement easily flushes down the toilet because of its design. When homeowners or their kids attempt to flush something else down the toilet, clogs may result. These lead to clogs that can cause real plumbing emergencies, especially if there is only one toilet in the house.


      But clogs are only one issue that house owners might deal with. The water in the tank is occasionally continually recycled by toilets. This doesn’t stop you from using the restroom, but it consumes up to two gallons of water every minute, costing hundreds of dollars annually.


      Our staff can install a new toilet and remove your old one if our service professionals deem that your toilet is beyond repair or if you want a more effective or visually beautiful toilet for your home.

      Everybody has encountered the annoyance of a leaky, blocked, or dripping shower when waking up. Not only is this a hassle to deal with, but if left unattended over time, it may result in water damage to other parts of your bathroom. 


      The looming repair expense makes most people hesitant to hire a plumber. Fortunately, Easy Solutions Plumbing provides shower installation, replacement, and repair at affordable rates in the Leichhardt Suburbs. You won’t ever need to put off getting your shower fixed or replaced again with our first-rate but reasonably-priced service!

      Arguably, the kitchen is the most significant room in the house. It serves as the location for cooking and eating meals, family get-togethers, and entertainment for visitors. The integrity of the kitchen’s plumbing is one of its key components. Since your kitchen is so vital, Easy Solutions Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides great kitchen plumbing services all around the Leichhardt region. We can assist you whether you need brand-new plumbing and fittings installed from scratch or your current ones changed.


      Keep up with routine maintenance and repairs for your kitchen plumbing, say the experts in plumbing. Doing so will only benefit your plumbing system long-term, but skipping such maintenance could cause issues. Our kitchen plumbing services in Leichhardt include installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. 


      Garbage disposals, sinks, faucets, and sewage and drain cleaning are just a few of the things we provide. If you believe your kitchen requires the services of a kitchen plumbing specialist, contact us right away. At Easy Solutions Plumbing, kitchen plumbing specialists provide high-quality kitchen plumbing in Leichhardt.