Sydney Clogged Toilets

Sydney Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets are never a fun thing to have to deal with.  As a homeowner, though, you are going to run into a clogged toilet at some point.  It is simply inevitable!  Once you do have a toilet clog, what is your best course of action?  What should you be doing to take care of the issue?  Should you try and fix the problem yourself or call on a professional for assistance?  Our team at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney is here for you, just one call away!

Determining the Block

How do you determine if you have a clogged toilet?  The easiest way to check this is if the toilet itself will not flush.  Try to flush the toilet, pulling down on the handle.  You hear the flushing process start, with the bowl filling up.  Does it flush though, with the water going back down the drain?  If not, you have a clogged toilet that has to be dealt with immediately.  There are many common fixes for a clogged toilet, but it is always best for them to be practiced by a professional.

Avoiding the Clogged Toilet DIY Effort

You want to avoid trying to take care of a clogged toilet on your own.  What so many of us do is that we continue to flush.  We will do this over and over again.  Each time that you flush a clogged toilet, though, the water is going to fill up higher in the bowl.  It will get to the point, eventually, where the water begins to spill over the bowl.  There exists the potential for a flood in the home when this occurs.  Using your plunger, potentially unsafe chemicals you buy at a retail store, can all lead to issues and concerns.  It is best to call on a professional.

The Benefits of Technology

Technology has helped plumbing experts like us at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney work more efficiently.  We can use things like closed-circuit television and a tiny camera actually to go down into the toilet.  We want to be able to see where the human eyes cannot.

With the ability of the cameras, we are going to be able to see inside of the toilet.  The idea here is that we can locate the reason for the clog.  Once you can get to the cause of the clog, it is then that we can decipher the best way to take care of it.  Utilizing technology we can do this in a speedy fashion.

Preparation of the Bathroom

Professionals also need to do adequate work to prepare the bathroom before dealing with the clog.  Preparation is important!

For safety, it is pivotal that gloves are put on, that the floor is covered up, all to be sure that you do not end up with water and dirty substances on the floor due to a splatter or overflow.

The Trustworthy Plunger

One of the tools that we always utilize is that of the trustworthy plunger.  We have high-quality plungers, far superior to what you will see and just buy at the local department store for your use.  What the plunger can do is to get suction around the area where the flush is supposed to occur.  Utilizing the plunger and thrusting, to create force, we are sometimes able to get rid of the clogged toilet issue in a flash.  It may not always work, but the trustworthy plunger is usually the first go-to.

Chemicals Can Assist

Chemicals can also assist when you have a clogged toilet.  We have special commercial grade chemicals that we can utilize to work on specific clogs.  The clogs may be such that the substances can just break them down little by little.  Chemicals have become more potent as the years have gone by.  The mixtures that are created now are done so with the idea in mind of being able to blast through hair, grease, as well as other common causes of clogs in the toilet and deeper into the drains.

The new chemicals that are at our disposal are going to be useful and also safe.  Many homeowners worry about these chemicals and the impact that can be had on your plumbing and such.  No worries here at all!  The chemicals are going to work just fine without having any damage done outside of harm to the cause of the clog.

Have a Professional At the Ready

You want to have a professional plumber ready to assist when the time comes.  You may have a toilet that works great for years on end, only for it to get clogged up right before your big holiday party.  These things never come at a convenient time.  Whether you are trying to unclog a toilet or some other plumbing issue, have a professional you can trust.

The team we have at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney is here to be your rescue.  We can assist with services and repairs across the Sydney region.  The goal is to keep clients informed, help them understand the task at hand and work intelligently, using expertise and technology to assist.

Licensed and Insured

When you have a clogged toilet, you want someone working on the issue that is experienced.  We are fully licensed and insured to handle all plumbing related issues that may arise.  As a homeowner, this is what you want to seek out as it is going to give you reliable peace of mind it will be handled properly.  In the event that something does go wrong, the insurance will cover you so you are not liable for mishaps.

Call on a Professional

If you have a clogged toilet, do not try to take care of the problem on your own.  Instead, call on a professional Sydney blocked drains plumber immediately!  Trying too fix the issue independently may end up with you causing more harm than good.  We are just one phone call away.

The next time your toilet blocks up, drop the plunger and pick up the phone, calling us at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney.  The relief you will feel once you have professionals taking care of the issue will be well worth your time and resources!

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