Unblocking Drains Services Near Me

Unblocking Drains Services Near Me


Looking for information on how to unblock a drain? There are plenty of warning signs leading up to a clogged drain.  You start to experience water beginning to take longer to drain all of the ways.  When you are in the shower, you have water pooling around your feet.  You may even start to experience odours.  These strange and unpleasant smells can take away from the overall bathroom experience.  

How to unblock a drain

All of these signs lead up to the potential of a clogged drain to come.  The question of how to unblock a drain is a common one for our team of professionals, and we want to shed light on many common tactics we utilize in our blocked drain services for our Sydney clients.  While some are known, you will find that not all of them are effective.  It may take some trial and error on your part to determine what is going to work and what is not with a blocked drain.

The Drain Clogs Instantly

Before you know it, all of the warning signs that we have laid out above lead to a clog of the drain.  It gets blocked up completely.  You need to deal with this quickly or end up with a burst pipe and a relatively useless bathroom.  What should you do as a homeowner?  You can try out a variety of steps or just call us at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney to get our hands dirty and fix it right away!

Try a Bent Wire Hanger

How to unblock a drain?  Just get a hanger!  Take a look in your closet.  You probably have a bunch of old wire hangers you never use anymore.  Grab one of them and begin to work to make it as straight as possible.  Curve one of the ends as well so that it can act as a lure to grab the area of the drain that has been clogged.  You are now ready to go to work!

You should be able to use the wire hanger to get out all sorts of smelly, disgusting gunk.  You want to pull out the gunk, though, not push it in further.  Pull out as much as you can and then run the hot water and you should end up free and clear.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another common tactic to take care of a blocked drain is to use baking soda and vinegar.  You want to start by making one-third of a cup of baking soda and one-third of a cup of vinegar.  Combine the two of them in a mixing container.  They should start to fizz up immediately.  Pour all of this right down the drain!

The fizzing action that the combination of these two materials creates can help to loosen up the clog.  Let it sit for a few hours and then flush it all with boiling water.  Another option to the tactics is to get the baking soda down the drain first and follow it up with vinegar.

Salt and Baking Soda

You can also combine salt and baking soda.  Mixing up one-half of a cup of table salt with the same amount of baking soda can create a powerful chemical reaction.  The combination of the materials creates a chemical element that can work on some very nasty blockages.  If the baking soda and vinegar combination does not work, try the salt tactics as you may have better results.

Dish Detergent

Dish detergent is something else that you can try to take care of a clog in the drain.  One-fourth of a cup of dish detergent can be poured down the drain follows with some boiling water.  The dish soap acts as a lubricant.  It will work to break up all of the grease and such that exists in the pipe.  Once the hot water is down the drain, use a plunger to try and break up everything underneath.


Speaking of the plunger, a small plunger may also be used to try to unblock a clogged drain.  How to unblock a drain may be a simple job if you have the right tool.  Small plungers can take a lot of power when used appropriately.  Be careful when working the plunger as this can be a messy job.  It is worth the effort though as you may be able to get that clog cleared up in no time at all.

Power Jet

You can also use a power jet to blast out the blockage.  The power jet is something that is going to be commonly used by blocked drains professionals.  Our team at Easy Plumbing Solutions Sydney practices this frequently.  We put a flexible hose down the drain and get to where the clog exists.  We then create an immense amount of pressure with the jet of water to push out the clog.  How to unblock a drain is as easy as calling on us and letting our power jet do the work for you!

There are so many options that exist to try to help you unclog a drain.  The path that you take to deal with the clog is up to you.  Try out the several different methods we detail.  The combination of baking soda with salt or vinegar is two options that can be very beneficial when executed appropriately. You may also want to try the plunger or the wire hanger to see if you get any decent results.  You even could decide just to call on a professional.

How to unblock a drain is as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney.  You may think that you know exactly what you are doing with the drain blockage, but do you?

Do you know what to look out for so that you can take care of the blockage and also avoid doing damage to the drain pipe?  Do you have the right tools, such as a power jet to help blast away any nasty block?  We do, and that is precisely why you should avoid getting your hands dirty and call on us, today!  How to unblock a drain?  Just call on our team of pros!


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