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Need an expert in plumbing repair and renovation in Surry Hills? Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas is the best choice in the area for plumbing service in Surry Hills and Sydney. With a dedication to timely arrival, reliable service, and respect for customer property, Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas is the first choice when you need plumbing help in Surry Hills and Sydney.

What services can we provide for our customers?

For those who need a contracting service or a plumber in Surry Hill, Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas provides great customer service in a wide range of areas. These include most commercial and residential repairs, renovations, and installation projects. Need an emergency plumber in Surry Hills? Speedy emergency service complete with an estimated time of arrival is available. Our extensive range of plumbing services in Surry Hills includes the following:

  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations and plumbing work
  • Blocked drains and clogged pipes
  • Shower and sink repairs
  • Malfunctioning toilets and taps
  • Roof repairs and more

Do You Hate Unprofessional Plumbing Service? So Do We!

Heard the horror stories about unprofessional service? So have we. At Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas, we understand that when you call on a plumber in Surry Hills, you expect a high standard of service. We have a solid reputation for arriving on schedule, providing reliable service, and respecting your property. Professional customer service by our definition includes a complete cleanup of the site on completion of the job.

Does Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas Provide Gas Fitting Service For Surry Hills?

Besides serving as the best choice for plumbing services, Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas provides quality licensed gas fitting services. Avoid the temptation to hire a cheap and uncertified company or try to do it yourself. Improper gas fittings can cause serious damage to property and even threaten lives. We bring years of experience to our plumbing and gas jobs. Our commitment to quality and detail ensures that your gas fitting job gets done properly and safely.

Contact us today to ask about our gas and plumber service in Surry Hills or to schedule an appointment. Call 0423 233 322 or fill out this online request form.

What if you Experience a Gas or Plumbing Emergency?

When you call Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas for emergency service, our staff will quickly provide an estimated time of arrival. We also will provide tips on how to prevent further damage until we get there. Plumbing problems can create costly damage and we strive to assist as quickly as possible.

Call today to see the difference in working with Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas.

From your first call to the end of the job, you will be pleased with the prompt, reliable, and experienced gas and plumbing service in Surry Hills provided by Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas.

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