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$0 Call Out Fee* (Week Days 7am-3pm)

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    Leaking Toilet Services

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      Send us your enquiry & we’ll get back to you on the same day!

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      Repair Leaking Toilet Sydney

      Have you noticed your water bill has suddenly increased? You could be in need of leaking toilet repairs. A lot of times, a leaking toilet is hard to detect. Here are some signs that can indicate a possible leaking toilet:

      • The toilet won’t stop running after you flush and you have to manipulate the handle to make it stop.
      • The toilet makes sounds even when it’s not in use.
      • The tank won’t completely get empty unless you hold down the handle.
      • There is water running on top of the overflow.
      • The toilet runs for around 15 seconds even if you’re no longer touching the handle.

      Small leaks really shouldn’t be ignored. They will eventually cause your floor surface to rot and create even more damage which will cost much more. While some leaks can be easily fixed using materials that you can find at your local hardware store, and even at home, it cannot be denied that we really can’t fix everything. Bigger jobs require the attention of experienced tradesmen.

      When you see any of the above-mentioned telltale signs, it’s time to look for a reliable plumber to help you assess the situation and provide you with a possible solution. Don’t try and fix leaks all by yourself unless you are a trained plumber. Minor leaks, if not treated properly, can turn into major leaks and give you a major headache!

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      Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney has just the right answer for you. We have skilled and experienced plumbers who can readily repair your leaking toilet for a reasonable price. All you have to do is give us a call and we will dispatch one of our skilled plumbers to evaluate your situation and give your toilet a proper diagnosis. You will also be given a price quote that is upfront, with no hidden fees. With Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney, you wouldn’t have to worry about any additional charges that you are not aware of.

      Speaking of charges, our plumbers are insured, so should there be any accidents while they are the job, you wouldn’t have to worry. Also, our plumbers are licensed. So you are sure that whoever is working on your toilet knows what he is doing and has been properly tested and proven.

      What’s even better, Easy Solutions Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency plumbing Sydney wide so should your leaking toilet act up at unholy hours, we will still be able to help you.

      Emergencies do not schedule their appearances ahead of time so we totally understand if you call in the middle of the night with a leaking toilet problem!

      Remember that not all leaking toilets are created equal so any DIY tips you find on Youtube or that your friendly neighbour tells you about may not be the right same solution to your problem. Leave the fixing to the professionals so you wouldn’t have to deal with tragic aftermaths of a DIY-gone-wrong. Give us a call and we’ll talk about your problem.

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      Leaking Toilet

      Frequently Asked Question

      Toilet seals may break over time, especially when they are exposed to water all the time. If you observe leaks underneath, have your floors and supply pipes inspected. Leaks can come from anywhere in those pipes. Leaking toilet plumbing services are available among Sydney locals. One of the most trusted leaking toilet repair experts is Easy Solutions Plumbing.

      An adjustable spanner or wrench will close the tight valves of a leaking toilet. It comes in different sizes and it is clamped into bolts and nuts to seal it in place. For minor leaks, Teflon tape might do the trick. However, if the leak is no longer normal and you feel it can cause your toilet to flood, it’s high time to call a plumber.

      Fixing an internal leaking toilet requires initial tasks such as dyeing the water from the tank and observing if it goes through the toilet bowl, and unscrewing the water closet to see if it is drained and not keeping water inside. Cleaning up around the drain hole can be tried or removing the toilet outright. If you are in doubt, call a plumber. This can be annoyingly messy.

      Leaking toilet repair costs somewhere $100 to $250. Adjusting the flapper and actual toilet check and adjustment is common among toilet repair job orders. When additional parts are needed to complete the work, the price will likely add up. Fixing toilet malfunctions does not last for more than 5 hours.

      Yes, a leaking toilet is an emergency. Either the water is not coming out where it is expected, or it overflows causing an embarrassing scene inside the bathroom. When you are having leaks, it must be addressed right away as waiting for them to fix themselves will just incur more damage. A household with a broken toilet is never convenient. A toilet is essential and even a simple leak can be an emergency.

      Remove the lid of your water closet. If the wax ring is no longer holding tight, your toilet seal no longer has pressure. So, this can cause leaking and your automatic flusher will not work. Fixing it can be easy and expert advice can work magic. Seek the assistance of a local plumber and this problem will be out of your mind quickly.