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$0 Call Out Fee* (Week Days 7am-3pm)

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      Shower Repair Services Sydney

      You might think shower repairs are simple and relatively easy to do. Probably as easy as unscrewing the old one, screwing on the new one and you’re done. That’s where you’re quite wrong. Showers can be quite tricky and you can be sure that you’ll be needing a skilled set of hands to actually do the work for you. Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney offers shower repairs Sydney wide!

      Sometimes it’s not a simple shower head replacement problem. Did you know that there are different types of showers and that not all of them are installed the same way? For one, there are mixer showers. These mix hot and cold water from your hot water system so that you get the perfect temperature to suit your needs. Then there are electric showers, these take water from your supply and pass it through a heating system and comes with a thermostat for temperature control. And those are just a couple of examples!

      Avoid DIY shower repairs

      So repairing or replacing showers really is not a simple task that you can just do on your own unless you are a skilled plumber yourself. Avoid risking further damage by hiring a tried and tested plumber. Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney offers shower repairs Sydney wide! That’s where Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney comes in. We have highly skilled plumbers who can help you take care of your faulty shower at a cost that is relatively easy on the pockets. Our friendly plumbers are licensed and insured, so you know that you get high quality of work done.
      Licensed Insured plumbers also means that you don’t have to spend on costs in the event of accidents while they are on the job.

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      Shower repairs

      What kind of shower repairs do we do? Practically any shower or shower stall problem there is. It could be a leaking shower, no hot water, or low water pressure, our plumbers can handle it for you. They are fully equipped with all the latest tools and gadgets for making their plumbing work easier and a lot more efficient. They also make use of only the best brands in the field.

      Get rid of that annoying leaky shower, stop that disgusting pool of shower water that just won’t drain out, or that water that seeps in between the shower stall and wall! These things are not only inconvenient, they also cause bigger damage to your walls and floors. Stop them now while the damage isn’t done yet. Even if it already is, we can still fix that for you.

      Emergency shower repairs

      We offer emergency shower repairs Sydney wide too so it doesn’t matter if you need our services in the most inconvenient time, we can still do the job. Our team is ready to answer your call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Give us a call and schedule an assessment visit so we can give you an accurate price quote. One of our licensed plumbers will go out and give you a visit, check out your problem and give you the rate for the job that needs to be done.

      What makes our service even better is that we will not leave you out in the cold (Pun Intended!). You will be informed of everything that we need to do, everything that we are doing up until the job is done. You can ask our plumbers any questions you might have about the job they are doing for you.

      Get that shower fixed and ready to go, call Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney.

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      Shower Repairs

      Frequently Asked Question

      Resealing a shower can cost between $400 to $1000. Labour and materials charges are often counted by square feet. This is anywhere around $2 per square foot. Once a year or every two years, your shower must be regularly resealed. A shower sealant that works best may be solicited from your local plumber.

      Yes, it does. Shower repairs like resealing maintain the good shape of your shower system. It also keeps you from having troublesome shower times. Having your resealing works done by the experts would mean you are at the top of everything essential inside your house, your bathroom being the most used area.

      A leaking showerhead is expected over time. Grime and moulds accumulated inside the shower base can loosen up the valve. This can result in leaking. To stop your shower base from leaking, you can have it cleaned and treated with either vinegar or baking soda to remove whatever build-up there is. Then finish the job with a tight seal.

      A waterproof shower can be fixed in a number of ways. One of the most common way is done by individually removing the tiles, cleaning the shower and laying back the tiles in. Another way can be done by breaking the tiles up, fixing the issue and cementing the waterproof membrane back inside.

      A leaking shower can accumulate moisture. While it is damp for a long period of time, the surrounding walls can soften up. When the water moisture spreads about and the hard part of the walls can no longer hold it up, it will collapse. A small leak can have fatal damage to your structure. Fix it while it is little.

      Grout material can be used to seal shower tiles. When it corrodes over time, simply scrape away the old one, seal it with new grout compound, let it sit to dry and you’re all done resealing it. Several coatings can be done. Just keep the surfaces clean before you start with the first one.

      A leaking shower repair is needed when a floor leaks. Shower floor leaks when a shower tub or pan cracks. It goes down to the base and holds all the dripping water around the shower. Observe the tiling façade and see if there are cracks anywhere in the tiles on the floor. An absent grout or tile part can both cause your flower floor to leak.