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To say that “Water is Life” is an understatement. Humans need water to survive. In fact, we can live on water alone, without food, rather than on food alone and without water. These days however, pollution has caused contamination of our water supplies. Unfiltered running water is not only unsafe to drink, it can even cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Thankfully, water filters are a dime a dozen in the market. There are too many that you eventually get confused on which one to pick! To help you understand water filters better, here’s a quick rundown on the what’s and the how’s of it all.

Types of Water Filters

Activated carbon filters – This type of filter cleans water by filtering out larger particles like silt and sediment. The filter absorbs the sediment so they are no longer present in the water that comes out of the faucet.

Infrared filters – This system works on the hardness of water. It utilizes heat and light to charge the water negatively, making it softer.

Alkaline/water ionizers – This almost works the same way as infrared filters, only that alkaline /water ionizers uses electrolysis by running the water over electrically charged plates that separate it into two streams. One stream is alkaline while the other is acidic. Alkaline water is kinder to the skin and is recommended for those with sensitive skin.

UV filters – One of the latest advancements in water filtration is the UV filter. It uses ultraviolet radiation to destroy harmful bacteria present in the water. Not only is this type of filter highly effective, it is also environmentally friendly since it does not need any chemicals or additional heat source to work.

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Reverse osmosis – This type of filtration is one of the more popular types because it can remove almost all contaminants in the water, giving you an end product that is clean and also odour free. The more expensive types can filter out contaminants as tiny as .001 microns.

Water filters come in many forms. There are point-of-use filters that you typically install on faucets and showers. There are also portable water filters. These are very useful to hikers, people experiencing humanitarian emergencies and the military. Portable filters are lightweight and convenient to carry. Some even come in the simple form of a straw. These filters however should not be confused with disinfectant tablets that can actually kill dangerous viruses and bacteria in the water. The most that these filters can do is to remove contaminants like silt and sediment.

Another term that is used to refer to whole house water filtration is water polishing. It removes certain concentrations of dissolved contaminants and removes microscopic particles from the water.

Water filters are essential in our day to day living. Easy Solutions Plumbing and Gas offers installation, repair and maintenance of water filtration systems. You can call our helpful associates and they can set you up for a consult so our team can give you a rundown of your options, help you decide on what you need and give you a reasonable quote.

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