Smelly Shower Drains Services Near Me

Smelly Shower Drains Services Near Me

Do you have a stench that is just running your shower and use the drain?  Do you get the whiff, the unpleasant scent, every time that you go to the bathroom?  Taking a shower in your home should be a relaxing experience, not one you want to plug up your nose in!  What is the cause of the shower drain smells?  At what point should you take action to have it rectified?  We at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney want to help shed some light on the topic and also assist, if necessary.

A shower drain is not intended to be smelly.  It should have no scent at all!  When you take a shower, even just walk into your bathroom, you should get that clean smell.  You should not have a scent in the space that is dominated by the shower drain smells.  Be smart about the issue so you can diagnose and rectify it.

Figure Out the Smell

What exactly is the smell that you are experiencing in the bathroom?  If you had to describe it, what would you go with?  Most would just say that it stinks, period.  To get to the cause of the issue though, you need to dig deeper than that.

Do you think that the drain has a musty type smell?  The other smell that you usually could get from a drain is that of rotten eggs or sewage.  Trying to figure out what the smell is can shed a lot of light on the potential cause of the stench.

Mold Potential

One of the potential causes of shower drain smells that of mold.  If you think that you have a musty scent, the chances are that you have active mold growing underneath the drain cover.

Believe it or not, mold can grow down your drain.  Active mold spores will release what are known as tiny puffs of gas.  The gasses that come from the mold are what will have that musty smell.  These gasses can also be quite dangerous.

If you inhale the gasses from the mold, they can lead to experiences of nauseousness.  You may also find that you end up dizzy and fatigues, as well as with headaches.

Getting Rid of Mold

There are a few different ways that you can get rid of mold.  If you have the mold that is minimal regarding its growth advancement, you may be able to deal with it on your own.  If at any point, though, you feel as though you are not qualified, call on a professional!  We have dealt with mold causing shower drain smells time and time again, and we can help you too.

Do It Yourself Solution

If you do want to try to remediate the problem on your own, there are a few different tactics from our Sydney shower repair specialists that you can take.  You want to do your best to clean the mold to get rid of it.  You will use a combination of baking soda, white distilled vinegar, boiling water, as well as an old toothbrush.

Start out by mixing baking soda and the water, to create a paste of sorts.  You then want to use your toothbrush to begin to apply it to the shower drain itself.  The next step comes a waiting period of around ten minutes.  Just let the baking soda sit there and do its thing.

Once you have waited the ten minutes, scrub the shower drain further with the toothbrush.  Continue to do this until you begin to loosen up the mold as much as you possibly can.

You then want to move forward with the boiling water.  Try to fill up a pan of boiling water so that you have it piping hot.  Water that is in the range of 140 to 150 degrees will be able to kill off the mold entirely.  Pour it down the drain slowly, followed by a cup of vinegar and a half cup of baking soda.  You then want to let this combination work its magic as it will try to get rid of any mold that remains in the drain.

If the smell persists, it is time to call on a professional as the mold issue is probably a lot worse than you initially thought.

Rotten Eggs and Sewage Smell

If you have shower drain smells that are like rotten eggs or sewage, chances are the causes are due to a biofilm from a clogged drain, or sewer gasses escaping from pipes.  Do you notice that you have a slow drain?  If so, you probably have bacteria and such that has built up over time.  This is known as the biofilm.  To get rid of the smell, you need to get rid of the clog and the debris.

Start out by boiling water, to get it to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once you have it at that temperature, begin to pour it down the drain.  Follow this with one cup of vinegar.  And a half of a cup of baking soda.  Wait two hours and then pour another gallon or so of hot water down the drain.  If you still have a clog and a smell persisting after this, call on a professional immediately!

If the issue is not a slow drain, you may have a problem with gasses escaping your pipes.  The issues here are going to be more in line with issues in some of the pipe traps, usually best handled by a plumber that knows what they are doing.

Time to Take Action

Take action to get rid of the smell from the shower drain.  The time is now to dig in, figure out what that stench is.  Once you have the source identified, see if you can remediate the problem yourself.  What you may find is that you have an issue that is just too big to deal with on your own.  In these instances, you want to call on professionals.  Our team at Easy Solutions Plumbing Sydney can help you with shower drain smells you are experiencing.  Just one phone call may be all that it takes to turn your smelly bathroom back into the spa-like oasis it should be!

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